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The most Instagrammable places in Hamburg

Let’s face it, we all love visiting pretty places and posting our pictures on Instagram. So on our trip to Hamburg it had us thinking about where to find the best Hamburg Instagram spots. In all honesty, it wasn’t hard to find beautiful things to photograph in the city. With its grand architecture, beautiful harbour, and grungy streets (particularly in the red light district), there are so many photogenic places in Hamburg. So we have come up with a guide to the most Instagram worthy places to help jazz up your Instagram feed after a trip to the city.

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Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Hamburg? This article will help you find those hidden gems and Instagram worthy places in Hamburg. From the city's bridges and architecture, to its scenic harbour we detail the best photo spots in Hamburg so that you don't miss out. #hamburg #germany #wanderlustandlife

Before we get to the top Hamburg Instagram spots here is why you should visit Hamburg

Hamburg is probably one of the most under rated places we have visited. It’s filled with gorgeous architecture, stunning bridges, romantic canals, and a really exciting nightlife. And honestly that is just the beginning.

All those things make it such an Instagrammable city, where you will stumble upon gorgeous hidden nooks, and photo spots.

If you are wondering if Hamburg is worth visiting here is an article to help you decide.

Or if you are deciding between Hamburg and Berlin here is a helpful guide.

Hamburg Instagram Spots and where to find them

Here are our top Hamburg Instagram spots and where to find them in the city. We also recommend for those of you who are foodies, trying this tour, for Instagrammable food in Hamburg.


The Rathaus or the Hamburg City hall in English is definitely one of the best Hamburg Instagram spots. It was constructed between 1886 and 1897 and is the seat of local government for the city of Hamburg. It is a neo-renaissance style building and it really does provide for some fantastic photo opportunities. Make sure you have a wander in the courtyard where you will find a beautiful fountain with the backdrop of the Rathaus behind it. The inside is also pretty Instagrammable so make sure you take the time to pop inside.

This Hamburg Instagram spot is easy to get to. It’s located in the centre of Hamburg so you can get the U-Bahn and get off at Rathaus.

St Michael’s Church

St Michael’s Church is one of the most famous churches in Hamburg, and it is a really good place to go to get some 360 degree views of the city. You do need to pay to have access to the viewing platform, but it is only a small fee. Once you pay, you can climb the 400 steps or like us just opt for the lift. It is one of the best photo spots in Hamburg as you get some amazing views of the architecture and of the harbour.

To get to this famous Hamburg Instagram spot, you will need to hop on the U3 to Baumwall, or you could also walk from the Rathaus.

Hamburg Harbour

There is something oddly beautiful about all the cranes and shipping containers in the Hamburg harbour, which is why we definitely think it is Instagram worthy. As you walk around the harbour you will find many photo opportunities, and even better, if you decide to go on a cruise you can get a little closer and snap some really amazing shots.

The harbour is another Hamburg Instagram spot that is centrally located, and really close to St Michael’s and the Rathaus.

Poggenmuhlen Bridge

The Poggenmuhlen Bridge is probably one of the most famous bridges in Hamburg, but not because of the bridge itself but because of the incredible view. When you are standing on the bridge you will see why it is one of the most Instagrammable places in Hamburg, as you can take some amazing photos of the Speicherstadt Warehouses around it.

It’s an easy walk from the Rathaus, or you can get the U-Bahn and get off at Mönckebergstraße.

Bridges in general

Did you know that Hamburg has more bridges then any other city in the world? Well neither did we until we visited. There are so many different architectural styles with bridges made from materials such as stone, steel, or brick. One of the coolest has to be the Ellerntorsbrücke which was built in 1668 making it one of the oldest stone bridges in Hamburg. Take a walk around the streets of Hamburg and you really will see so many Instagrammable bridges.

Warehouse district

Ok, you might not immediately think that a warehouse district would make the list for most photogenic places in Hamburg. But the Hamburg Speicherstadt is beautiful. Built in 1883, it is also the world’s largest continuous warehouse complex. The design is beautiful and it really is a photographer’s dream, so be sure to bring your walking shoes and camera when exploring.

It’s about a 12 minute walk from the Rathaus, so again another Hamburg Instagram spot close to the city centre.

The Old Elbe Tunnel

The Old Elbe Tunnel, also known as the St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel, was the first river tunnel in Europe. The tunnel itself is certainly incredibly instagram worthy so make sure you pop by to snap some shots for your feed. To get here you can get the U-Bahn to Landungsbrücken, and it is only a short walk to the tunnel.


You probably want to be careful where exactly you point your camera when walking through the Reeperbahn, but you can find some really cool places to take some Instagram photos of Hamburg. For starters, there is the Beatles monument which is definitely Instagram worthy. You can join the many people on stag and hen do’s as they line up to get their picture snapped as they drape themselves over their favourite Beatle.

A little further along you will find the main walk of the Reeperbahn. There are a lot of neon and, dare we say, risqué signs that make some pretty cool Instagram photos. This part of the Reeperbahn is actually really popular with tourists and locals alike and apparently one of the best places in Hamburg for a night out.

To get here you can get on the S-Bahn to Reeperbahn station.

St Pauli

Apart from being famous for its Reeperbahn, St Pauli is by far one of the most photogenic places in Hamburg. Walk around the leafy back streets and you will find some cosy cafes and graffiti covered walls just waiting for you to Instagram. St Pauli is right next to the Reeperbahn, so we recommend having a walk through after your visit.

Elbe Beach

The Elbe Beach might not be anything to write home about in comparison to other beaches, but it does make for some great Instagram shots. It is obviously pretty unique as well, with kids building sandcastles whilst huge ships float past towering cranes. It is also one of the more romantic places to visit in Hamburg.

To get here you want to hop on a ferry to Oevelgoenne.

Pilots’ houses near Elbe Beach

Whilst you are exploring Elbe Beach make sure you have a walk around some of the Pilots’ Houses nearby. The homes are absolutely stunning and do make for some brilliant Instagram shots.


Located just near the Rathaus, the Alsterarkaden is reminiscent of something you might find in Venice. There are a lot of fancy shops here, and it’s also very photogenic.

How to get around to the Hamburg Instagram spots

Hamburg in all honesty is one of the easiest cities we have visited, when it comes to getting around. The public transport system is incredible. It was made easier with us as we purchased a Hamburg Card.

The Hamburg card gives you unlimited travel for your selected dates on buses, ferries, and trains. You can pre-purchase this online here. Make sure you have the card on you at all times in case of ticket inspection.

With this guide to finding the best Hamburg Instagram spots you will probably only really use the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and the ferry. The U Bahn and S Bahn is the metro network, that gets you from the airport and around the city. Trains are frequent and easy to use.

Hamburg Instagram spots – a recap

Hopefully this article will help you discover the most Instagram worthy places in Hamburg. Whilst Hamburg probably isn’t renowned for being an Instagrammers dream, there are so many hidden gems just waiting to fill your social media feed.

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Hamburg? This article will help you find those hidden gems and Instagram worthy places in Hamburg. From the city's bridges and architecture, to its scenic harbour we detail the best photo spots in Hamburg so that you don't miss out. #wanderlustandlife #hamburg #germany

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