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Visiting the most haunted pub in York – The Golden Fleece

Are you a believer in all things supernatural? Well York in England just might be the place for you to visit. It is said to be the most haunted place in Europe, and if you read about the dark history of the city it’s probably not hard to see why. In this article we visit the most haunted pub in York and see what it is really like. And spoiler alert the pub in question is the Golden Fleece in York.

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Some background to York

Before we get to the most haunted pub in York here is some background on the city.

York is located in the northern part of England, in the county of North Yorkshire. It’s famous for it’s history with the ancient Romans as well as Vikings.

It was founded by the Romans all the way back in 71 AD, so really it is no wonder we are writing about the most haunted pub in York when it’s that old!

It’s a walled city, with a lot of the walls still in tact. It also has a 13th Century gothic cathedral, York Minster with two functioning bell towers. If you want to know more about York Minster and more specifically York Minster Tower we have a helpful guide.

These days York is a cultural hive of activity, with over 8 million tourists visiting each year. It’s full of some great tourist attractions, ancient architecture, quirky shops and so much more.

Although it’s the city’s dark past full of torture, and gore that still bring in the crowds. York is said to be one of the most haunted cities in Europe with over 500 hauntings recorded here.

What is the most haunted pub in York?

So you have probably ascertained from the above that York is pretty darn haunted. But you might be wondering what the most haunted pub in York is. Well according to local legend the Golden Fleece in York is the most haunted pub in the city.

Although you do get a few bars claiming to be the most haunted pub in York, the Golden Fleece is probably one of the more vocal. Plus it was on an episode of Most Haunted.

It’s a centrally located pub close to The Shambles, that might look small and unassuming on the outside. On the inside though there have been several reports of strange goings on, making it the most haunted pub in York.

History of the most haunted pub in York

The Golden Fleece in York dates back to 1503, or rather this was when it was first mentioned in the archives.

It was once an Inn and coaching house, which saw businessmen from around the country spend the night, and stable their horses, before making deals with wool traders. In fact wool and fleece trading was all the rage in York back then hence the name, The Golden Fleece.

Now to some more gruesome history. The cellar at the Golden Fleece was actually where the bodies of criminals who had been hung at Baile Hall were taken. The bodies would be kept here until their families claimed them.

These days though it’s a pub popular with tourists, but there are also 4 rooms located in the upstairs part of the building. It’s a 3 star hotel, and you can book rooms on the Golden Fleece Yorks website. Of course you need to be brave to stay the night, I mean it’s the most haunted pub in York, so stay at your own risk!

Why is it the most haunted pub in York?

The Golden Fleece has claimed the title of the most haunted pub in York, as it is said to be haunted by 15 spirits. One of the most prominent is Lady Anne Peckett who was the wife of the mayor of York around 1702, John Peckett.

According to guests there have been reports of a woman walking up and down the stairs in the middle of the night. And apparently Lady Peckett’s ghost also likes to move furniture around. Spooky!

Lady Peckett isn’t the only resident ghoul. There is also a ghost called One Eyed Jack, who wears a red uniform, an eye patch, and carries a pistol. He alongside a ghost who is only described as a grumpy old man are often seen hanging around the bottom bar area.

There is also a young boy who has often been seen around the top bar area. Apparently he met his gruesome end when he was trampled to death by a carriage or horses during the Victorian era just outside the pub, or inn as it was back then.

The Golden Fleece in York has a long history. It dates back to the 16th century and is the oldest recorded coaching inn in the city, having been first documented in 1503.

What is a coaching inn you might ask? It’s essentially a place to sleep, park you coach and stable your horses. The Golden Fleece was frequented as businessmen from across the country, who wold then try and organise deals with local wool traders, which was all the rage at the time. This is also where the name the Golden Fleece comes from.

Inside the Golden Fleece in York

The Golden Fleece in York is immediately distinguishable as there is a large golden sheep hanging above the door. It might seem narrow but it’s actually a lot deeper than you would expect. There is a bar located at the front, and you can continue straight ahead through the corridor to the restaurant out the back.

One of the cool features, that really adds to that whole ‘most haunted pub in York’ feel, is the fact that the floor is incredibly uneven. This is due to the fact that the pub was originally built on wooden foundations. It’s something that really makes you feel like you have been transported back in time especially because it has retained some of the original features.

Where to find the most haunted pub in York

So now you know all about the history of the Golden Fleece in York you might be wondering where to find it. The pub is located in the centre of York, on Pavement, which is a street name by the way. It’s also just across from The Shambles.

The full address for the most haunted pub in York is as follows:

16 Pavement



And to help you below is a map showing you where to find the Golden Fleece in York.

Things to do around the Golden Fleece in York

There are so many cool things to see and do around the Golden Fleece in York. The highlights include:

Ghost tours

A lot of ghost tours do include the Golden Fleece as a destination. Doing a tour is a fun way to get to grips with more of the history of the pub and also the city as a whole.

Merchant Adventurers Hall

The Merchant Adventurers Hall used to be the business centre of York, but these days it is a museum and Grade 1 listed building.

The Shambles

About a 1 minute walk from The Golden Fleece is The Shambles. It’s one of the busiest streets in York, and it dates back to the 15th century.

Historically the street was filled with butchers shops and houses. Now though you will find some quirky shops and bakeries. It’s a beautiful place to walk around, although it is best enjoyed at a slow pace.

Other haunted spots in York

It’s not just the Golden Fleece in York that is said to be super haunted. In fact given the history of the city, it’s no surprise that many buildings have been the location of ghostly sightings. Once you have visited the most haunted pub in York why not check out these other spooky spots.

Ye Olde Starr Inne

The Ye Olde Starr Inne is said to the be oldest pub in York, and whilst there is some dispute over this there is no doubt it is incredibly old. I mean it has been licensed since 1644 so there has be a resident spook or two lurking.

York Minster

York Minster is also said to be haunted. It is one of the most important religious buildings in the country. The site it is located on has long been associated with churches, and the current building dates back the 627 AD.

Snickleway Inn

It’s probably no surprise in a city as old as this that you get a few places claiming to be the most haunted pub in York. Either way Snickleway Inn is worth a visit, especially as it is one of the only pubs that claims the presence of a malevolent spirit.

What is it really like visiting the most haunted pub in York

You might be wondering what it is really like visiting the Golden Fleece in York, and whether we think it really is the most haunted pub in York. Well thankfully our visit to the Golden Fleece in York was pretty uneventful or at least when it came to ghosts.

It’s such a beautiful pub, and the history is pretty incredible, which makes it one of the must visit places when you are planning a York itinerary. Admittedly it is very touristy, and the pub does play up to the whole ‘most haunted pub in York’ thing.

That being said the inside isn’t totally over the top with ghostly gimmicks or anything like that. It’s set up as a standard pub, although it’s a little different with its uneven floors and narrow hallways. It’s very much worth a visit even if it’s for a quick pint before you race off to the next attraction in the city.

We hope that you have found this guide to the Golden Fleece in York useful and don’t forget to pin it for later.

Happy Travels!

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