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A couples guide to the most romantic things to do in Hamburg

When you think of romance Hamburg might not be the first place that comes to mind. We have been lucky enough to visit the city twice in the last year. During our visits we have had some fantastic experiences and we certainly recommend it if you are going on a couples trip. Here are some romantic things to do in Hamburg.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Sip drinks by the harbour

The Port of Hamburg is the largest in Germany and is often nicknamed the “Gateway to the World”. And there is something oddly romantic about sitting by the water watching those large ships come and go to exotic parts of the earth. When you only have 24 hours in Hamburg then visiting the harbour is a must. If you hop off the subway at Landungsbrücken you will find a number of bars serving drinks that boast an incredible sea view. Want it to be even more romantic? Well, make sure you are there for sunset. 

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Take a romantic boat ride

You cannot visit Hamburg without taking a boat ride along the harbour. Get a seat outside (weather permitting) and you will have an amazing view of the incoming ships as well as those seagulls that fly alongside you. Drinks are available to purchase on most trips, and we have to say there is nothing more relaxing than going on a boat tour with the wind in your hair and a german beer in your hand. We did our tour with Barkassen- Meyer, whom we highly recommend. The tour is mainly in German but we got an app from the main office and this was in English so we didn’t miss out. Definitely a must for your Hamburg weekend away.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Drinks in St Pauli

So you might not automatically think having drinks in an area that boasts a Reeperbahn would be romantic but stick with us here. If you make your way past the built up Reeperbahn area you will find some leafy graffiti laden back streets. There are some really great bars around here, especially for some afternoon drinks in the sunshine.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Get lucky at the DOM

The DOM is the home of the biggest public festival in Germany. It is basically a huge funfair with everything from rides to food, to those old school carnival games where you can get lucky and win a stuffed toy for your love. The DOM is open 3 months of the year, so if you are lucky enough to visit when it is open then you really have to go! The atmosphere is incredible and there is this kind of retro romantic vibe. You can grip your partner tight as you ride the ghost train, or snort with laughter as you realise how ridiculous you feel riding one of the vintage carousels together.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Get some sun and sand at a makeshift beach

Considering Hamburg is a port city, you might be surprised to discover the Elbe Beach. So it probably isn’t recommended that you swim there but it is great for walking through the sand in bare feet or building sandcastles. There are a lot of bars around here, again with views of the river and shipping ports making it the perfect place to relax on a summer day. Sip an Aperol Spritz and watch the world slowly drift by. When you are done relaxing make sure you have a walk past all the incredible houses that will literally make you wish for a lottery win so you can move in!

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Get high at St Michael’s Church

One of the best views of Hamburg has to be found at St Michael’s Church. and seriously what could be more romantic than admiring the incredible city views? We actually really loved visiting towards the end of our trip because we spent our time in the bell tower pointing out all the places we had visited. It was the perfect way to reflect on a brilliant 24 hours in Hamburg. It’s also really cheap. It cost us €5 to get to the top and the good news is there is a lift, which is much appreciated after a weekend of walking around Hamburg.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Eat some traditional German food

The best way to get to the heart is certainly through the stomach. So a traditional German meal is a must to add to your list of romantic things to do in Hamburg. One of the best places we found in the city for traditional style German food was The Old Commercial Room. It is located just across from St Michaels Church, and is said to be one of the oldest dining establishments in the city. We ordered the pork knuckle and it was a LOT of food. Still there is nothing more romantic than stuffing your face full of food right? If you happen to be in town for the markets then you will be met with a range of food options from the traditional bratwursts to potato cakes with cheese and bacon. It is seriously delicious.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Indulge in some chocolate at the Chocolate Museum

So neither of us knew Hamburg had its very own Chocolate Museum before we arrived. So we were definitely excited to visit. After all isn’t romance made of chocolate?  During the tour you get to learn all about the process of making chocolate from the bean to the bar. I should also add that there is a lot of tasting in between. You also get to design your very own chocolate bar, although if you are anything like us it won’t last long enough to be considered a souvenir.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Enjoy the architecture

One of the most romantic things to do in Hamburg is to just walk around. The streets are just made for strolling hand and hand in, and getting lost. The architecture is incredible and when you wander around places like the Rathaus it reminds you exactly why you came here in the first place. Hamburg is also the city of bridges, and even during your 24 hours in Hamburg you will cross a lot of them. If you get a chance head over to the Poggenmühlen-Brücke one of Hamburg’s most famous bridges. The views from it are just incredible, particularly at sunset.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Check into a city centre hotel with a spa

Romantic weekends are certainly not complete without indulging in a little bit of couples pampering. If you are looking for a hotel with a spa we recommend the Sofitel Hamburg Alter Wall. Not only is it luxurious with a bar area overlooking a canal, but it also has a pretty awesome pool. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to stay for a romantic weekend in the city.

Romantic things to do in Hamburg- Enjoy the Christmas Markets

So the Christmas Markets are obviously seasonal but if you are lucky enough to visit Hamburg in December then the markets are a must. There is honestly nothing more romantic than walking around with a mug of mulled wine in your hand whilst getting into the Christmas Spirit. The city really goes all out for the markets and you will find them scattered around various locations in the city.

Planning a romantic weekend in Hamburg – a recap

Hopefully this post has helped give you some ideas for planning a romantic weekend in Hamburg. Whilst it might not be the most conventionally romantic place to visit, there really is a lot to discover and so many things to do as a couple, you just have to know where to start.

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