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The most Instagrammable spots in Prague – where to get that perfect shot

Prague is by far one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. The moment you step foot in the city it almost feels like you have been transported into another world. With old school architecture, cobbled streets, and a beautiful river it’s hard not to want to take a picture.

When describing the imagery that comes to mind in Prague, all I can think is fairytale. It really does feel like you have woken up in a magical world full of princesses, and much more. We spent 4 days in the city and during that time we searched every nook and cranny to find the best photo spots in Prague including the best sunrise photography spots in the city.  You certainly will be able to find the most Instagrammable spots in Prague after reading this.

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Before we get to our favourite Prague Instagram Spots here is why you should visit Prague

There are so many reasons you should visit Prague, from its gothic architecture, delicious food, and its magical mix of old world and new. And word really has spread because recently Prague has become the place to visit.

Prague was fortunate enough to not be too severely damaged after WW2 so a lot of the historic sites are still intact. In fact, the Charles Bridge is one of the oldest working bridges in Europe. You will be amazed at how much you will discover just walking around this gorgeous city.

On top of this Prague is one of the cheaper European capitals, and is also considered the beer capital of the world so there is that too! It’s the perfect city break in our opinion with lots to see and do.

And if you want to know what it’s like visiting Prague in autumn this article might be handy.

The most Instagrammable spots in Prague

Here are our favourite Instagram spots in Prague, hopefully this guide will help you get that all important Instagram worthy shot.

Prague Instagram Spot # 1 Old Town Square

You cannot have a list of the most Instagrammable spots in Prague without Old Town Square. Filled with that classic architecture you hear about in fairy tales the square has so many incredible buildings to capture. One of the best though has to be the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, which overlooks the square. It does get quite busy here so our advice would be to arrive early to avoid the crowds and the inevitable photo bombers.

For us the Old Town Square really captures the essence of the city and really is one of the best photo spots in Prague. To get here you follow the cobbled streets from the Charles Bridge. If you get lost along the way it really doesn’t matter because the back lanes are just as beautiful and photogenic.

The atmosphere in the square is amazing. We visited in winter and even then it was a bustling hive of activity. People gather to watch the famous astronomical clock do its thing every hour. After the performance the crowds disperse into the picturesque winding cobbled lanes that are just waiting to be explored.

It’s not just the atmosphere in the Old Town Square that makes it one of the most Instagram worthy places in Prague. It is also the food. You can smell the Trdelník, a type of sweet pastry, slowly cooking in the food carts all around the square. All you need is some pastry and a camera and you have yourself an Instagram photo shoot.

Prague Instagram Spot # 2 Old Town Hall Tower

Ok I know that this is technically still the Old Town, but we wanted to separate it because it deserves a section to itself, it is that pretty. The Old Town Hall Tower overlooks the Old Town Square and surrounding areas and is another incredible place to get some photos. Here you will get a bird’s eye view of the Old Town Square as well as those iconic red roofs with the Castle in the background.

The good thing is there is a lift if you don’t want to walk up a ton of stairs to admire the view. We actually felt like we could have stayed up here for days watching all the hustle and bustle in the Old Town Square below. This really is one of the most photogenic places in Prague.

Prague Instagram Spot # 3 Petrin

Another of the best photo spots in Prague has to be Petrin. You will probably notice the Petrin Tower peeking out at the top of Petrin Hill as you walk around the city. The idea behind the design was that it was modelled off the Eiffel Tower. With its steel framework the tower is 63.5 meters tall. Maybe that doesn’t sound super impressive to you until you realise that the tower is located at the top of a 318 meter hill. You can either climb the 299 steps or for a slightly higher fee can just get the lift. Because of its vantage point you get a fantastic view of the spires, chimneys and red roofs Prague is famous for.

It is not just the tower though that makes our list of the best places for photos in Prague. You should definitely take time to explore the hill as well. To get here you will need to ride the funicular. And if you strategically plan to sit or stand at the back you get a wonderful view of Prague.

Additionally, walking around the wooded areas provides some perfect photo opportunities. We visited in November and it was perfect because the leaves were falling and this meant you got some great views between the tree branches of the city below. There is a garden as well which provides some much needed respite and tranquility in between your picture taking.

Prague Instagram Spot # 4 Charles Bridge

No list of the most Instagrammable places in Prague is complete without mentioning the Charles Bridge. This is probably the most beautiful bridge you will ever walk over and it is also one of the most visited attractions in Prague. If you are wanting to get some Instagram worthy shots then we recommend visiting at sunrise. There are far fewer people there and the bridge with pink skies in the background makes for a lovely shot. This is by far one of the best sunrise photography spots in Prague and we cannot recommend visiting enough!

The bridge joins the Old Town with Mala Strana and at each end of the bridge sits a tower. These towers can be climbed for some pretty spectacular views of the bridge and the city. The bridge is 621 metres long and about 10 metres wide. As you walk over the bridge you will be able to observe the 30 baroque style statutes that sit on the sides of the bridge. These statues were said to have been erected in around the 1700’s and these days most are replicas due to damage.

When you arrive at the bridge in the early hours of the morning you can watch as the sky goes from black to pink. It is an incredible moment and well worth the early morning. There is nothing else like being at the Charles bridge at sunrise. It’s so quiet you can hear the Vlatva running beneath you and as you gaze out to the water you will see the city’s many swans paddling away reading to bring in a new day.

Prague Instagram Spot # 5 St Nicholas Church

Located in the Mala Strana this Baroque church is the perfect place to get some amazing Instagram shots. Take a few photos from the outside, although I must say the true beauty is definitely on the inside. If you can get a shot of the church exterior just as one of Prague’s red trams goes on by then this really captures the essence of Prague.

The church interior is also really beautiful and incredibly Instagrammable so do take the time to go inside if you can. Once inside you can go up a few levels to the viewing platform and look straight down at the layout of the church. It really is a magical experience. Concerts are frequently held here year round, on the church organ which dates all the way back to the 18th century.

Prague Instagram Spot # 6 Prague Castle

The view from Prague Castle is absolutely incredible, making it another one of the most Instagrammable spots in Prague. Entry is ticketed but very much worth it. If you want that classic shot with all the red rooftops then this is a great staring point.

The Castle grounds are also Instagram worthy from the gothic feel of the St Vitus Cathedral to the Golden Lane where you will find some tiny colourful houses. Prague castle truly is one of the best photo spots in Prague, and it really is worth the hike up the stairs to visit.

We recommend booking your tickets online in advance because unsurprisingly Prague Castle is a very popular tourist attraction. There are some links below for your information.

Prague Instagram Spot # 7 John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is incredible, and an Instagram must. You can take photos of the Beatles/ political inspired graffiti that cover this wall. The wall is is etched with graffiti from top to bottom. It is a symbol of political frustration particularly during the 1980s. Try to go early in the morning like we did if you want to get a photo with no other tourists.

A very short walk away from the wall you will find a very small bridge covered in love locks. It is a great place to get a colourful yet romantic shot of the city.

Prague Instagram Spot # 8 The Dancing House

The Dancing House is probably one of the most photographed modern buildings, and also one of the most Instagrammable spots in Prague. Located in the new town this is actually the Nationale-Nederlanden building, but as it resembles a pair of dancers, the nickname Dancing House has stuck.

Prague Instagram Spot # 9 Vlata River

Whether you are photographing it from one of the city boat cruises or sitting along the river banks feeding the swans the Vlata River is definitely one of the best Instagram Spots in Prague. It’s especially beautiful if you can get a bit of the Charles Bridge in your photo shoot.

Getting to your Prague Instagram Spots

When looking for this picture-perfect Prague Instagram spots you will need to know how to get to each one.  We mostly walked during our 4 days in Prague because we sort of wanted to get lost in the back streets and soak up all the atmosphere. And honestly this is probably one of the best ways to spot not only some hidden Prague Instagram spots, but it’s also a great way to get acquainted with the city.

But there were the occasional times we caught public transport. The first time we caught a tram in Prague we did get slightly confused. Once you know the basics it is super-efficient and we highly recommend using it. It makes getting between each Instagram worthy spot in Prague so much easier.

You need to purchase a ticket before boarding the tram. Tickets can be bought at some tram stops, and all metro stations. Additionally, you can purchase them at newspaper kiosks or hotels. Once you board the tram you will need to validate your ticket. There is a stamping machine by the door of the tram where you can do this.

Also, the easiest way to navigate is to pop an address into Google Maps.

Prague Instagram spots and where to stay

One question we get asked a lot is where the best place to stay in Prague is. When it comes to seeking out the best photo spots in Prague, we do recommend staying close to the Old Town. It is by far the most beautiful part of the city, and the more you walk the streets of Old Town the more likely you are to snap some awesome photos. Here is a breakdown of the best neighbourhoods to stay in.

Old Town or Staré Město

The Old Town or Staré Město as it is known in Czech is probably one of the best places to stay if you want easy access to those Prague Instagram spots. It feels like the beating heart of the city, with its gorgeous buildings, bustling squares, and of course its tourist attractions. You are also really close to the Charles Bridge and the river, which again is perfect especially if you want to catch that gorgeous Czech sunrise.

New Town or Nové Město

The New Town is still a decent location if you are looking for places to stay in Prague. It’s located right next to the Old Town, and is still pretty central. It’s probably ideal if you are looking to enjoy the lively nightlife of the city. In terms of Prague Instagram spots the Dancing House is located in this area, and you are a short walk away from the very instagrammable Old Town.

Lesser Town or Mala Strana

This was actually where we stayed at the Hotel Lokal Inn. The reason being was this was right next to the Charles Bridge, which made getting up before sunrise that much easier. It’s another great area for walking around, getting lost and taking some beautiful pictures.

The Castle District or Hradcany

Another perfect Instagram location in Prague is the castle district. Not only does this have some incredible views over the city, but of course the Castle area itself is absolutely beautiful.

Best time of year to visit Prague

Prague is a beautiful city year round, but if you are thinking about the most photogenic time of year to visit, we highly recommend Autumn or Fall. Firstly, it isn’t as busy as say the summer months, which is great because when you are trekking around trying to locate the top Prague Instagram spots, it’s super annoying when there are people everywhere. Of course I know that’s how tourism works! But it’s nice to visit when it is a little less busy. Autumn is also great because you have the gorgeous crispy red and orange leaves falling from the trees. It’s so atmospheric, and perfect for photos.

Spring is another great time to visit, when the flowers are in bloom. It’s especially nice walking around the gardens in Petrin looking at the flora bursting with colour. Winter is also beautiful with the Christmas markets and dustings of snow on the key attractions, but you just need to be mindful that daylight hours are decreased in winter, and cold snowy weather can often hinder your ability to get around the city quickly

Most Instagrammable spots in Prague- A recap

As you can see in this post Prague is beautiful. Sometimes words just cannot describe such beauty and only a photo will do. Hopefully this guide will help you find the most Instagrammable spots in Prague, and if you do find this useful don’t forget to Pin it for later.

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