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15 Reasons Hamburg Should Be Your Next German City Break

We have recently visited Hamburg for the second time this year, and we have to say each time we visit, we are even more impressed. A lot of people mention Berlin or Munich when planning a German city break, but we are here to tell you that you should definitely not overlook Hamburg! Here are 15 reasons you should make Hamburg your next German City Break.

If you are wondering if Hamburg is worth visiting here is an article to help you decide.

1) There are more bridges than Venice

If you thought Venice’s bridges were epic then you really need to visit Hamburg. The city has almost 2,500 Bridges meaning it has more bridges than Amsterdam, Venice and London combined.

2) The Christmas Markets are immense

No one does Christmas Markets quite like the Germans. Hamburg’s main markets are located under the watchful eye of the Rathaus or Town Hall. If you walk around the city in the build up to Christmas you are bound to stumble upon some of the traditional wooden huts. Filled with such treats as gluhwein, gingerbread, and bratwursts that’s definitely not a bad thing.

3) It is the 2nd largest city in Germany

Ok so we didn’t realise this before we visited, but after Berlin, Hamburg is Germany’s largest city. And with a big city you know there is going to be so much to do.

4) Hamburg is home to the world’s largest miniature railway exhibition

You might not think this is impressive until you actually step foot in the Miniatur Wunderland and see it for yourself. If you have ever wanted to know what it was like to be a giant looking down on the world, here is your chance. The exhibit is amazing, and the models are so detailed and intricate.

5) It is one of Europe’s busiest shipping ports

Hamburg has been called Germany’s ‘Gateway to the world’ and when you are walking around the harbour it is easy to see why. There is actually something strangely beautiful about watching container filled ships coming in from all parts of the world.

6) German food is awesome

German food is like eating a big hug. You have all your comforts, like meats and potato salads. Plus German Beer is not to be scoffed at.

7) It’s perfect all year round

In the summer you sit by the harbour and sip cocktails, and in the winter you can visit one of Hamburg’s many museums. There really is something for everyone in this city all year round.

8) There is a chocolate museum

Speaking of museums Hamburg has its own chocolate museum, the Chocoversum. You get to learn all about the chocolate making process, but more importantly get to sample the chocolate at these different stages. You also get to decorate your own chocolate bar to take home. Let’s just say ours didn’t last the flight back home.

9) It’s really easy to get around

Transport in Hamburg is efficient and really easy to negotiate. If you get yourself a Hamburg Card this will cover your train journey from the airport and will allow you to hop on any public bus, train, or ferry in Hamburg. You can also use the card to get discounts on some of the city’s attractions. So what could be better?

10) Hamburg has a beach where you can lounge on a summers day

Well it sort of does anyway! There is a makeshift beach where you can lounge around whilst the giant ships pass you. If you get on the ferry from Landungsbruken to Finkenwerder (Line 62) you can hop off at Ovelgonne and head to the beach. Here you will find kids building sandcastles, and adults relaxing at one of the many cafes.

11) There is some incredible street art

One of our favourite places for street art in Hamburg is around the St Pauli area. You can walk around the tree lined streets, and admire some of the street art.

12) Hamburg has some amazing night life

Speaking of St Pauli, it is also a really lively area for a night out. The Reeperbahn is located around this area, but it’s not all stag and hen do’s and if you go to the right places you can have an amazing night.

13) It’s relatively cheap

Hamburg really isn’t an expensive city. Especially when you compare it to the likes of Oslo or Copenhagen. You can have an amazing weekend and still stick to a budget.

14) It is only a 90 minute flight from the UK

This makes it perfect for a quick weekend getaway. Quite a few low cost carriers fly to Hamburg from the UK so you can find a really good deal.

15) The architecture is impressive

Hamburg is an eclectic mix of new and old architecture. You have the traditional beauty of the Rathaus combined with the modern design of the Elbphilharmonie Building (Philharmonic Hall). But don’t just take our word for it. You need to see it for yourself.

We had the opportunity to visit Hamburg through the Come to Hamburg project. Checkout their website for all things Hamburg related.

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