At the top of any Paris to do list is of course to see the Eiffel Tower. This 324 meter structure towers over Paris. Whether you are admiring the view from the top or you are walking around the city as it peeks out at you, you can’t help but feel that the Eiffel Tower is synonymous with Paris. Built in 1887, it was originally supposed to be temporary. Due to its popularity however, it survived its purpose as a temporary exhibit at the World’s Fair. Although if you ask a Parisian you will find the reviews to be mixed.

Ticket Options

There are three ticket options that you can choose. The cheapest at €7 is to walk up the stairs. This option also has the shortest line if you are purchasing tickets on the day. This is because you do not have to wait for the lift and can climb the stairs at your own pace. Just be prepared as you will have to walk 669 steps.

The second ticket option is €11, which is to use the lift to get to the 2nd floor. The queue tends to be longer because as mentioned above you need to wait for your turn in the lift.

The final ticket option is €17. This allows you access to the third floor of the tower. You get the lift up to the second floor as normal, but then you need to wait to get into a separate lift to the third floor.

Choosing your ticket

For a lot of people climbing up the Eiffel Tower is at the top of their bucket list. If you feel fit and healthy then go for it. There is a break on the first floor where you can admire the views before making the final ascent to the second floor of the tower.

If you don’t like heights but decide to brave going up the tower then get the lift. It is quick and fuss free. Plus if you are like me you can just close your eyes as you ascend to the 2nd floor. I made the mistake of using the stairs to get from the second floor to the first floor, and I was terrified. You can pretty much see straight down the gaps in the cast iron. I spent a good few minutes clutching onto the side then nearly pushed some people down the stairs in my haste to get to solid ground.

The second floor of the Eiffel Tower

The third floor

The third floor is great to visit but if you want to properly make out buildings then the second floor is probably best. Although, if you want to spend the extra money to get up to the third floor you do get the opportunity to see more of Paris and the surrounding areas. Plus there is a champagne bar on the third floor, so if you are keen on having a glass of bubbly at an altitude of 276 metres then it is definitely worth it. The prices on the other hand might not be.

Also as previously mentioned you need to line up again to gain access to the third floor. You get there via separate lift and there is less room on the third floor, so do keep this in mind.

Is it worth it?

A lot of people who visit Paris question whether a trip up the Eiffel Tower is worth it. For us it definitely was. It was beautiful looking out at the city, and for the rest of the trip every time we saw the Eiffel Tower we kept thinking that we were up there. There is also the option of climbing the Arc de Triomphe instead. And this had been recommended to us instead. From this viewing platform you get to take some iconic pictures with the Eiffel Tower in them, which is obviously something you don’t get to do from the Eiffel Tower itself. . If you can though, we recommend you just do both. Looking out from the Eiffel Tower is a wonderful experience and one that cannot be missed in Paris, in our opinion.

Final tips

  • It is always better to pre-purchase your ticket online, to avoid you lining up on the day.
  • If you cannot book online the tower usually opens around 9am so if you get there before that and wait the queues are not as bad.

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