Who we are

Welcome to Wanderlust & Life. A blog that aims to encourage ordinary people to travel and ignite your passion for seeing the world. We mainly focus on travel as a couple, but we also want to stand up for the ordinary traveller. So many blogs these days are centred around adventure travel. They make you feel like the only way to really see the world is to do it while jumping out of a plane or climbing the world’s tallest mountains. Which is all well and good but you can do ordinary things and still see the world.

In fact we think that anyone can travel and make the most of this incredible world we live in. We met in Canada on a working holiday and since then have pledged to see this wonderful world together. Please join us as we talk about travel tips and admittedly a lot of travel faux pas. Also we are slightly obsessed with Instagram so definitely check out our page here.


About Lizzie

I am originally from Australia. As you can see from the photo above, where I am being very Australian and feeding a Kangaroo. I currently live in the UK which I love even with the lack of sun. This is mostly because the British insects are not always trying to kill you.

I get asked a lot if I have ever had a pet Kangaroo. I have not. The other question I am always being asked is ‘why did you move to England when you could live in Australia?’. The honest answer is apart from my insectaphobia (if this isn’t a word it should be!) I grew up listening to The Smiths and Joy Division and thought maybe I too would gain inspiration in this rainy land.

Another amazing thing about living in the UK means living so close to mainland Europe. For now I am enjoying exploring this side of the world. I am a bit of a fussy traveller, especially when it comes to accommodation and I am absolutely terrified of flying. Although I am getting better and it is always worth it in the end.


About Dave

Being Irish, travelling is in my blood. I love to explore new places and always like to see what’s around the next corner.Unfortunately, however, being an adrenaline junkie and climbing the highest peaks, jumping out of planes, and swimming with sharks doesn’t work well with my claustrophobia, fear of heights and the fact that I can’t swim.

But what I do love about travelling to different places is this. You get to step through the doorway into another culture and learn about its people, its history, and the oddities which make this world so exciting to explore. And I like to soak up these experiences as I sample the local food and drink, and watch the world go by.And no matter where the next adventure is, I’m always on the lookout for the best Irish bar away from home (much to Lizzie’s annoyance).