8 of the best cities to spend New Year’s Eve in

There is nothing more amazing then bringing in the New Year in a completely different city. We have put together a list of the top 8 cities in the world that you need to spend New Year’s Eve in, at least once in your life.

1- Amsterdam

Amsterdam brings in the New Year with an absolute bang. It is such a big party city and you can find a whole host of things to do from going to raves, to cramming into one of the city’s many pubs.  People set fireworks off long into the night and the streets become one big party. Plus it’s a beautiful city so why not ring in the New Year surrounded by canals and bridges?

2- Sydney

Are you sick of spending cold New Year’s Eve nights waiting for it to be midnight so you can watch the fireworks and go back into the warmth? Well then Sydney might be the place for you. It is also one of the first cities in the world to countdown every year. The cool thing is at the stroke of midnight the Sydney Harbour becomes the perfect backdrop to one of the most spectacular fireworks displays.

3- Dubai

Sticking with the warm theme, one of the best times to visit Dubai is around New Year’s Eve as the weather is actually quite pleasant. Dubai is full of grandeur and opulence and New Year’s Eve is no different. The Burj Khalifa really shows off with fireworks being set off from all sides. The Palm also comes alive with lights for this one night a year.

4- London

There are so many events in London that you can attend and party the night away. But the real gem of the night is the Thames which holds a brilliant fireworks display with Big Ben and the London Eye as the backdrop. The good thing as well is between 23:45 and 04:30, you can travel free on Transport for London’s network.

5- New York City

Times Square is the place to be in New York City on New Year’s Eve. Thousands of people gather to watch the ball drop for what is truly the most famous New Year’s Eve gathering in the world. If you are not keen on cramming into Times Square then there are also several fireworks displays and concerts you can go to.  So there really is something for everyone.

6- Dublin

No one knows how to party quite like the Irish, and New Year’s Eve in Dublin is no exception. The bars are rammed and the atmosphere is electric. A lot of tourists gather around the Temple Bar area, making sure they are securely in a pub for the countdown until midnight.

7- Singapore

Marina Bay becomes the backdrop for Singapore’s spectacular fireworks display. There are also a lot of rooftop bars and parties that you can go to which makes Singapore the perfect place to ring in the New Year. It is also one of the safest cities in the world which is always a good thing especially on crazy nights like New Year’s Eve.

8- Edinburgh

Sometimes one night of celebration isn’t enough, enter Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. It’s three days of celebrations, fireworks, and concerts. The city really knows how to party and you won’t have seen a New Year’s Eve celebration quite like it.


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