Dave and I have just come back from a three and a half week jaunt across America, which included our Vegas wedding. And let me tell you, the post holiday blues have well and truly kicked in, and the struggle is real! So we have had to come up with some creative ways to beat the post holiday blues. These are our tips.

Focus on something you miss at home

As the holiday came to and end and we boarded our flight back to the UK, we started to focus on what we were looking forward to at home. For me that thing was seeing our cat Bowie again. Another thing was the simple pleasure of being able to sleep in our own bed. After weeks of hotels, there is nothing quite like snuggling up in your own bed. By focusing on these things it at least gave us something to look forward to upon our return home.

Prepare a home cooked meal

One thing we missed while traveling was home cooked meals. Especially in the US we ate a lot of heavy food. So one thing we really craved was just sitting down to a nice home cooked roast dinner. Sometimes after a long trip its these simple comforts that really get you through.

Unpack as soon as possible

After a few weeks the novelty of living out of a suitcase started wearing thin. So tripping over them in the bedroom for days after we arrive home didn’t really help with the post holiday blues. My advice would be to unpack as soon as possible. It will also help clear your mind a bit because no one likes living in mess.

Set aside some time to tidy

I know cleaning is the last thing you want to do after returning from that trip of a lifetime, but for us it really helped. If you are anything like us you have left for your holiday in a hurry. I usually have piles of discarded items that just didn’t quite make the cut. By setting aside some time to tidy everything it almost helps clear your head. At the very least you won’t break your leg on that hair dryer that you just couldn’t squeeze in your suitcase.

Make a thing of going through your holiday snaps and souveniers

One thing that really helped us was setting aside a specific time to look through holiday photos. It’s always nice to relive the memory and look back on what you did. We found that we didn’t have time to reflect whilst we were on our trip, so it was nice to do so when coming back. We also made a bit of a deal of hanging up paintings, and putting up our fridge magnets from all the places we visited.

Watch movies or read books that are set in that place

When we returned from our trip we watched so many movies set in LA or New York to trigger those memories. It is also useful as it provides a sort of escape from those post holiday blues.

Have something to look forward to

It always helps to have something else to look forward to. This can be something simple like eating out at your favourite restaurant or spending the day in a nearby city for a change of scenery. It is really helpful to have something else to focus on for the future.

If all else fails book another trip

A couple of years ago we came back from visiting my family in Australia. We were so down upon returning that we immediately booked a trip to Oslo. This gave us something to look forward to even though it was months away. Even if you can’t afford to book the trip start planning your next getaway and fight those post holiday blues with the idea of another holiday.