On a recent trip to the US we had the opportunity to fly with Virgin America. Living in the UK, we had heard a lot of negative news stories about US airlines. So we did feel slightly apprehensive. Would the flight be overbooked and would we be asked to leave the flight? Would we be dragged off the flight bleeding? You know those kinds of things. But flying with Virgin America was actually an amazing experience, and our fears certainly were not founded. From checkin to landing we experienced a caring attitude mixed in with a bit of fun from staff. Here is our review flying Virgin America.


Checking in with Virgin America was always quick and hassle free. Just keep in mind if you are checking in bags, this comes at a cost of $25 per bag. This is pretty standard across the board.


Usually my most hated part of the flight is boarding. You have to sit there and wait for all those announcements (business class, company credit card holders, people with babies etc.), until eventually your row gets called and you are off, yet for some reason everyone else is on the plane anyway and you are the only person who has been waiting. Well Virgin make the process more efficient and for those people who try to board when they haven’t been called, they just have to go to the back of the line. It is all done with a relaxed and humorous attitude. Something that you do miss when flying.

The Cabin

One of the best things about flying Virgin America has to be the cabin. It is dimly lit with shades of red and blue. This definitely creates a calming effect. It is also a welcome change from your brightly lit clinical aircraft. The seats are leather and are really comfortable. You can recline them and adjust your headset. Plus the best thing (and maybe this is because we are from Europe) there is actually legroom!

The Entertainment

This has to be one of my favourite things about Virgin America – the in flight entertainment. It starts with the safety video. Now I know technically that isn’t classed as entertainment but the Virgin America video is hilarious. And it actually makes you want to pay attention. There are TV screens on the back of the seat in front of you and there is actually a pretty decent free selection. Anyone who has ever travelled across the US knows that depending on your destination the flight can be super long. Having the option to watch TV is much appreciated.

Food and Drinks

On every flight you are offered a complimentary hot drink, juice, or soda. If you are after a little more or even some food you can order this straight from your seat. You just make your selection, swipe your credit card, and wait for cabin crew to bring it over to you.


If you cannot bare to be without internet for the duration of your flight you can pay to connect to wi-fi. You can only do so when the plane is airborne and not during take off or landing. There are also plugs for charging your phone which as always we are grateful for.

The price

We actually flew Virgin America a few times and each time we paid the same price as we would to fly with another airline like United or American. We booked our flights through Skyscanner to find the best prices.


Virgin America offer a great service and turn flying into less of a bore. In my opinion they are actually a good airline in a market of not so good ones.


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