As travel lovers it was basically a given that we would have our wedding abroad. For us we thought it would be a great excuse for a holiday, and one that we could drag our families along to. Initially the excitement was centred around seeing our families and being on vacation. As the day looms closer I have turned into something of a Bridezilla stressing over every little detail. So we have put together a guide for anyone thinking of planning a wedding abroad. These are our pros and cons for a destination wedding.

Starting with the Pros

    • It is a great excuse for a holiday.
    • Literally the world is your oyster when planning a destination wedding. You could get married on the beach, or get your wedding shots taken in the streets of New York. The possibilities with destination weddings are endless.
    • It is more reflective of our personalities. I like to think of Dave and I as being a little quirky, and we wanted that to show with our choice of wedding. Neither of us are into tradition and a typical church wedding definitely isn’t for us.
    • The photos are going to look really really awesome. Instead of standing around in the *cough* lovely British weather, praying it doesn’t rain we get to take our photos somewhere more exciting.
    • It is a great way to create some fantastic memories with our families, in what we hope will be a really special week.
    • It is so much more intimate and you don’t have to invite long lost relatives you haven’t seen since you were 8 years old and don’t really know.
    • It is a more relaxed atmosphere, we will be on holiday after all.
    • It is way cheaper than the average British Wedding. Even with our flights, wedding meal, and photographer, we are spending way less than what you spend on your typical British wedding.

And now for the cons

  • We are sadly going to be missing some really important family members. Obviously not everyone is going to be able to come to your destination wedding for various reasons. This is one of the hardest things for us. There are some people that we really would have loved to have shared the day with.
  • Organising a wedding abroad can be a lot harder than you realise. It’s hard to know where the best places to get your photos taken are, or even who will do the best flowers. And don’t even start me on the wedding cake…..
  • In the end you have to take a step back and realise you have less control over the wedding than you would if you were getting married at home. Most people who get married abroad hire wedding planners who will do everything but you have to really trust that person to get it right for you.
  • It can be really stressful when you are trying to organise something in a different timezone. At times we have had to stay up late to get a hold of certain people on the phone to discuss plans. These late night phone calls are definitely not cheap.
  • You have to take a real risk with photographers and caterers etc. We are just sort of trusting that the people we have handed over money to are going to do a good job without getting to taste things first. We also don’t get the opportunity to do a pre-wedding photo shoot, so who knows how awkward our photos are going to be. Knowing us my guess would be very!

Despite all the stresses and the negatives a destination wedding was really the best for us. Whilst we are so sad to have certain family members who cannot come, we hope to be able to celebrate with them at a later date. And on that note fellow wanderlusters we will see you in a few weeks!

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