The first time we visited Whitby we fell in love. It is one of those places you must visit in England. For starters it’s quaint, it’s quirky and it’s really really picturesque. If you haven’t been to this coastal gem then you have been missing out. Take a look at our post below and see for yourself the reasons you must visit Whitby.

It is inspirational… really

So fun fact, Whitby was where Bram Stoker was inspired to write Dracula. Apparently in 1890 Stoker stayed in Whitby and whilst his room was being made up each morning he would explore the town. In doing this he took inspiration from what he saw. There is actually a seat located on top of one of the cliffs where you can sit and admire the same views as Stoker.

As Stoker sat looking down he would formulate the entrance point for one of the creepiest characters of all time, Dracula. When you walk around Whitby especially at night there is almost a magic in the air. You could almost believe in fairy tales or that Dracula himself were lurking around the corner.

The pubs are awesome

It does get pretty windy in Whitby so there is nothing better than seeking shelter in a pub. A lot of the pubs in Whitby are very traditional. You get get some great ales and meet some really friendly people. One of our favourites has to be the Board Inn. It is a very welcoming pub with some amazing views of the harbour to enjoy whilst sipping your pint.

The food is even better

Considering Whitby is a seaside town it is no surprise that fresh seafood is rife. There are so many amazing places to sit down and eat. But our favourite has to be the award winning Quayside.

It is friendly

In the US people often talk about Southern hospitality. In the UK it is sort of the opposite. It is argued that people in the North of England (e.g places like Whitby) are a lot friendlier than Southerners e.g London. As someone that lives in the North I definitely have to agree.

You can hit the beach

So as I mentioned Whitby is a seaside town which makes it a great place to hit the beach. The main beach is located at the base of the cliffs. It has some colourful beach huts as well as deck chairs to sit and enjoy the breeze. High season is of course in the summer and they also offer donkey rides for kids during this time. It is a nice reminder of an England of yesteryear.

The views will take your breath away

The two main attractions in Whitby are the 199 steps and Whitby Abbey. You climb the steps to make you way to the Abbey and you can see for yourself how beautiful this place is.

199 Steps

Starting with the 199 steps. As you climb you are treated to sweeping views of the harbour. You also get a glimpse of the picturesque red roofed houses. There is apparently some debate over the exact number of steps. Some suggest the top step shouldn’t really be counted making it 198 steps. Others claim there is an additional uncounted step at the bottom. We did try counting but got so distracted by the views we gave up. The 199 steps are mentioned in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, as a dog like creature thought to be Dracula makes its way up these steps to the Abbey ruins.

Whitby Abbey

Once you have made it up the steps you will see Whitby Abbey. The Abbey is located on the top of a cliff and offers breathtaking views of the North Sea. Only the ruins of the Abbey remain which makes it even more picturesque. The Abbey was founded in 657 AD and it is amazing to think how much has remained after all this time. Around the Abbey there is an old cemetery. Admittedly I am usually terrified of cemeteries, but this one was different and actually sort of beautiful.

Still not convinced?  Here are some more pictures that may change your mind.


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